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Discussion of “A Preferred-Habitat Model of Term Premia and Currency Risk' and 'A Quantity-Driven Theory of Term Exchange Rates,” by Gourinchas, Ray and Vayanos, Greenwood,Hanson, Stein and Sunderam

Discussion of “Panel Discussion on the Future of International Finance” NBER Asset Pricing Meeting

Discussion of “Discussion of Global Banks and Systemic Debt Crises

Disucssion of “The Global Price of Risk and StabilizationPolicies' by Tobias Adrian, Daniel Stackman and Erik Vogt

(IMF ARC Conference, October 2017)

Discussion of “Precautionary Savings in Stocks and Bonds” by Carolin Pflueger, Emil Siriwardane and Adi Sunderam (SF Fed, October 2017)

Discussion of “Horizon-specific macro-economic risks,” by Martijn Boons and Andrea Tamoni (AFA, 2016).

Discussion of “A Macroeconomic Model of Equities and Real, Nominal, and Defaultable Debt,” by Eric Swanson (SF Fed, November 2015)

Discussion of “Asset Pricing with Countercyclical Household Consumption Risk,” by Anisha Ghosh and George Constantinides (NBER, July 2015)

Discussion of “Capital Share Risk and ShareholderHeterogeneity in U.S. Stock Pricing,” by Martin Lettau, Sydney Ludvigson and S. Mai

Discussion of “The Carry Trade and Uncovered Interest Rate Parity when Markets Are Incomplete,” by Jack Favilukis, Lorenzo Garlappi and Sajjad Neamat (Adam Smith Conference, March 2015)

Discussion of “Microeconomic uncertainty, international trade and aggregate fluctuations” by Hanno Lustig, (Journal of Monetary Economics, January 2015)

Discussion of “Drifting Apart,” by Stavros Panageas, Nicolae Garleanu, Dimitris Papanikolaou and J. Yu (Duke-UNC AP Conference).

Discussion of “Asset Pricing with Endogenously Uninsurable Tail Risks,” by Hengjie Ai and Anmol Bhandari.